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A record of several generations of Family History

Due to concerns about privacy and identity compromise, this website no longer includes personal details of living persons. We regret having to make this change because many of you were using the website as a family birthday book, now you will just have to remember those birthdays.

Families in Legacy Format

Griqua Town Andersons

Symons/Brown families

Billing Hennessy Family

The Lawson Kable Family

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Edith Brown Maternal lineage


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Many families in South Africa have long and proud histories. Find them here!

Exciting new information has been discovered taking the ancestry of William of Griquatown back another two generations. See William of Griquastad

Welcome to OldSouthAfricanFamilies.com your comprehensive genealogy resource. Our mission is to give you the facts you need about South African Genealogy fast so you can get on the road to taking action right away`.

Griquatown Andersons

Launching this website was inspired by my father Dr Ralph Anderson who studied his own family's history for over 15 years. The result is a website he created http://www.griquatownandersons.com which records the families linked to the Anderson family over seven generations and including over 4,000 individuals. These families span the recorded history of South Africa from the earliest immigration started by Jan Van Riebeeck to the modern day.

Symons Brown Families

Later I received via my wife, a document prepared by her cousin Merryl Howell (nee Symons) who had studied the Symons/Brown families who go back to the 1820 settlers.

Billing Hennessy Family

Merryl is also a granddaughter of George Billing and Tilly Hennessy, another family of long association with South African history. Here is the Genealogy of the  Billing Hennessy Family.

The Lawson Kable Family

My wife's maternal line is to the Lawson Kable family. Most of this research was conducted by her cousin, Stan Reid.

The Iler_Tuck_Charlesworth Family

My son, who married in Canada, married into the Iler family. Nancy Iler, aunt of my son's wife, Carrie, did extensive research into that family. Here  is that research in ancestor format.

Navigation and Format

As the family tree grows it is more and more difficult to do a website that shows everything you want to show. In the above families, the presentation shows the descendents of the patriarch or matriarch of a family.  This presentation cuts off other branches of the family For the more experienced Genealogist, here they are all together in the Ancestor format

The Symons Brown Billing Lawson Kable Reid Family

.For a quick how to navigate, go here

I hope that over time other families may want to add links to their family histories. I will facilitate that if they contact me.

The  South African History Time Line 1488-2000 was originally produced as: South African Time Line COPYRIGHT 1999 Anne Lehmkuhl  We have added specific timelines for the families recorded here.

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Additional Resources

The main work of the genealogy in this website is done on a program called Legacy Family Tree by Millenia. You can download a free version from their website at  The Legacy Family Tree Store The best way to send information for inclusion in this website is to download that program, enter the information into the program and then email a file to the webmaster.


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1 If you already have a website, just email us a link.

2 If you don't yet have a website and already use Legacy, or some other genealogy software, just export a GEDCOM file and attach it to an email.

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